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Dropping a Sandbox
si dropsandbox
When a Sandbox has outlived its usefulness or just does not belong anymore, you can remove it at any time.
After a Sandbox is dropped, it cannot be accessed with Windchill RV&S. Dropping a Sandbox is permanent. Even if you do not delete the Sandbox files, you cannot import the Sandbox again.
To drop a Sandbox means that the Sandbox is no longer registered with the Windchill RV&S client, select Sandbox > Drop.
You can select what files you want to delete when you drop your Sandbox:
Select Nothing to not delete any files from the Sandbox directory on your local drive.
Select Sandbox Members Only to delete the Sandbox members on your local drive but leave any other files.
Select Entire Sandbox Directory to delete the Sandbox directory on your local drive and all of its contents.
If you select the Entire Sandbox Directory option, Windchill RV&S deletes all files in the Sandbox directory and all files in subdirectories, if any exist. This includes files not created by Windchill RV&S.