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Configuring a Sandbox
si configuresandbox
If you want to change the configuration of a Sandbox, open the Sandbox Information view for a top-level Sandbox created by you (Sandbox > Views > View Information), and check the appropriate options on the General panel:
Sparse if you do not want the Sandbox to retain working files when a member is checked in. A Sandbox is sparse if it has no working files. A sparse Sandbox does not retain working files when a member is checked in, and continues to function this way throughout its use; however, once created, Sandbox directories and sub Sandboxes remain in the Sandbox.
Scope displays the current Sandbox scope definition (if specified) and allows you to change the scope. Sandbox scope defines what subprojects and/or members are included in the Sandbox. A Sandbox scope transfers specific subprojects and/or members from the Windchill RV&S server to the Sandbox directory when the Sandbox is created, and controls what subprojects and/or members display in the Sandbox view.
To change the Sandbox scope definition, ensure that you are viewing the Sandbox information for the top-level Sandbox and click Change Scope.
Changes to the scope definition are automatically reflected in the Sandbox view. Out of scope subprojects are automatically hidden from the view unless the corresponding folders exist on disk. Members with working files in the Sandbox that no longer match the scope definition display deltas, but remain in the Sandbox. Selecting one of the members indicates that a working file exists and the member does not match the Sandbox scope. Perform a Resynchronize operation to remove out of scope members and subprojects from the Sandbox. For more information, see “Specifying the Sandbox Scope”.
Using the si createsandbox and si configuresandbox commands, you can create and edit more complex Sandbox member scope definitions using a combination of logical AND or OR operators; however, these definitions may not always be editable from the GUI. If you attempt to edit a complex member scope definition from the GUI, Windchill RV&S truncates the definition to what the GUI is capable of displaying. If you attempt to edit a complex member scope definition using the si configuresandbox -g/gui command, Windchill RV&S displays a warning message that choosing to edit the scope definition removes the options the GUI is not capable of displaying.