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Running a Report
im runreport
You can run a selected report or you can run a report for a selected item or set of items. For information on how to run an item report, see “Reporting on Items Using Item Reports”.
Displayed date fields do not change based on the time zone a user operates in; however, displayed date/time fields and time entries vary based on the time zone a user operates in.
The following table describes how to run a report:
Do one of the following:
Select File > Run > Report, and then specify a selection.
From the Manage Reports view, select a report, and then Report > Run or File > Run > Selected.
From the Reports View, select a report, and select Run Report.
Using a hyperlink, specify the following:
hostname is the hostname of the Windchill RV&S server hosting the report
port is the port number of the of the Windchill RV&S server hosting the report
reportname is the name of the report
To prevent Windchill RV&S users from exceeding the number of open sessions permitted when running a large number of reports, append the URL with:
thereby ensuring the session is closed once Windchill RV&S completes the report output to the user.
For example:
The report displays in a browser window.
A report displaying all active projects grouped by Product (ascending order) and sorted by Health (descending order).