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Running a Query
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The first time you log in to Windchill RV&S, the Quick Query runs by default in the Items view. To view a list of items generated by another query, you must run the desired query.
Before you run a query, ensure that you have the following:
CreateQuery permission.
Visibility permissions for the item types and fields you want to query on. Visibility rules restrict access to specific information based on project and/or item type.
For further assistance, contact your administrator.
Key Considerations
It is possible to create complex queries that demand significant system resources when run against a large database of items. Queries that return a large result count can also demand significant memory resources from both the Windchill RV&S server and the Windchill RV&S client. To address this item, your Windchill RV&S administrator may decide to limit the returned item count or set query timeouts for certain groups of users.
If query timeout limits are specified and you run a query that exceeds those limits, Windchill RV&S displays an error message advising that the set limit has been exceeded.
If an item count limit is specified and you run a query that exceeds those limits, Windchill RV&S displays a warning message along with a partial set of results (up to the item count limit).This behavior does not apply to queries that are not directly run by a run (for example, a query behind a report). In such cases, Windchill RV&S displays an error message.
If your queries consistently exceed the specified limits, contact your administrator.
When you open and close the GUI or create a new instance of the Items view, the last run query displays.
In the GUI, recently run queries are available from the Query > Recent and File > Recent > Query menu items.
To run a query