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Working with Manual Merge Lines
For large merge operations on a development path, a significant number of smaller manual merge tasks may be required to resolve merge conflicts generated during the automatic merge. Windchill RV&S provides you the ability to create merge lines manually for visualizing and recording the manual merge operation between two specific project revisions (checkpoints). The manual merge lines indicate that the merge operation was performed manually. Manual merge lines are visually distinct from automatic merge lines and are useful for quick visual reference of manual merges between project revisions in the Windchill RV&S client GUI.
Key Considerations
You can add manual merge lines between two project revisions (checkpoints).
You need the ModifyManualProjectMergeLine project level permission to add or delete manual merge lines.
You can delete only merge lines that were added manually.
The operations for adding or deleting manual merge lines are tracked using audit logs.
The contents of checkpoints are not modified when creating or deleting manual merge lines.
You cannot add a manual merge line if a manual or automatic merge line already exists between the same target and source checkpoints.
You can add multiple manual merge lines from and to a single project checkpoint.
You can use the si addprojectmergeline or si deleteprojectmergeline command in the CLI to add or delete manual merge lines respectively. The manual merge information is recorded on the target checkpoint in the multi-valued field Manually Merged From in the si projectinfo command output.
The operations for addition or deletion of manual merge lines do not create a new checkpoint. Before adding manual merge lines between the project revisions, ensure that you have performed the merge operations manually between the target and source checkpoints and checkpointed the projects, if required. Optionally, you can also use the si appendcheckpointdesc command to add checkpoint description related to addition or deletion of manual merge lines.
Adding Manual Merge Lines
Deleting Manual Merge Lines