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Configuration Management Projects View
si projects
From the Projects view in the GUI, you can open, create, import, and drop projects.
From the Registered Projects view in the Web interface, you can view the projects and project histories that are available on the Windchill RV&S server.
To open the Projects view (GUI)
Select Project > View Projects
To open the Registered Projects view (Web)
Select Tools > Manage Projects
To display the menu of actions you can perform on a project in the GUI, select a project and right-click.
You can work with a subset of projects in the GUI by adding projects to the My projects list at the bottom of the view. To add projects to the My projects list, select a project from the projects list and click .
The projects list automatically updates when subprojects are added, dropped, or reconfigured. However the My projects list does not automatically update to show such changes.