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Configuration Management Project Information View
si projectinfo
The Project Information view displays the following information for a specified project:
General information
Project attribute information
Development path information
Change package information
Associated Windchill RV&S item information
To view information for a project in the GUI
Select a project in the Projects view and select Project > Views > View Information
To view information for a project in the Web interface
Select a project in the Registered Projects view and select Project > Project Information
To view information for a project checkpoint in the GUI and Web interface
Select a checkpoint in the Project History view, select View Project to open it, then select Project > Views > View Information
Multiple Project Information views open when attempting to view the project information multiple times for the same project with different configurations or settings.
General Project Information
The General tab displays the following project information:
Project Name
Displays the path and name of the project.
Repository Location
Displays the standardized path and name of the source project. For shared and moved subprojects, this is the path and name of the project where the shared or moved subproject originated.
The label for Repository Location was Shared From in earlier PTC Integrity releases.
Displays the Windchill RV&S server name and port number where the project resides.
Development Path Information
Development Path displays the name of the development path, followed by the type of development path. Possible development path types are Extendable Development Path, Full Development Path, and Development Path with Subprojects Configured as Build. For more information, see Creating a Development Path.
On Live Configuration displays the setting for this option that was specified when the development path was created.
On Existing Development Path displays the setting for this option that was specified when the development path was created.
Configuration Path
Displays the configuration path of the project. The following keywords may appear in the path:
# specifies a project or subproject in a well-formed project tree
#p specifies a project that does not end with project.pj
#s specifies a subproject in a poorly formed project tree
#n specifies a normal project
#d specifies the development path name
#b specifies the number, label, or symbolic of the project checkpoint (if a date-based project, may be a date)
Displays true if it is a restricted project, or false if it is not a restricted project.
Restricted By
Displays the name of the user who restricted the project. This field only displays if Restricted is true.
Displays true if the development path can be extended to this subproject, or false if this subproject was explicitly configured as a build subproject when the extendable development path was created. This field is only displayed for build subprojects. For information about extendable development paths, see Extending an Extendable Development Path.
Number of members in the project, not including subprojects.
Number of subprojects in the project.
Free-form text description of the master project. Edit the existing description, or type a new description.
Last Checkpoint
Information for the checkpoint of this project or development path with the most recent checkpoint date. The following information is displayed:
Checkpoint displays the checkpoint revision number.
Last Checkpoint Date displays date and time that the checkpoint represents (not the creation date of the checkpoint).
Checkpoint Description(s) displays the description of the checkpoint (if a description was specified during the checkpoint operation).You cannot change an existing checkpoint description from this dialog box, but you can append additional comments to it. To do so, enter any supplemental information in the field below the present information (the checkpoint description cannot be edited for date-based projects).
Project Attributes
Configuration options in project files are sometimes called attributes. Within project files, you can set your own attributes as well as those pre-defined as options. You can set these attributes from the GUI or Web interface.
In the GUI, you can view and edit project attribute information through the Attributes tab. Attributes define local variables or set options. You can set master project attributes to apply across an entire project.
Attributes conform to the following formats:
No variable can exceed 80 characters, and no value can exceed 1024 characters.
For more information on project attributes, see the online help for the Windchill RV&S administration client.
Development Path Information
A development path is an identifier given to a new direction of project development. Changes made through the new development path are kept separate from the main development trunk unless you later choose to merge them. The Windchill RV&S client displays a list of all available development paths for the selected project or subproject. Deactivated development paths are not shown.
In the GUI, the Development Paths tab shows a selectable list of any development paths created from the current project. A development path is identified by name, with the revision number (the development path is based on) in brackets, for example, Service_Pack2 (1.2).
If you remove a development path that is referenced by a variant Sandbox, you can no longer open that variant Sandbox.
Change Package Information
The Change Package tab displays the ID and summary of any change packages associated with subproject operations.
Associated Item Information
The Associated Items tab displays the ID, type and summary of any Windchill RV&S items associated with the project. If the item has a label, the following information is also displayed: name of the label, label date, and label comments. Only item types that you have permission to view are displayed. You can right-click an associated item to view or edit it.
If you move a subproject that is associated with any Windchill RV&S items, the items no longer display in this tab. You must open the Windchill RV&S items and associate them with the subprojects in their new locations.
Set Project Description Dialog Box