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Adding Configuration Management Project Labels
You can add labels to project checkpoints. Labels are unique text that describe the product stage or release, or the content of the project. Project labels can be based on any information that would be useful in identifying that particular checkpoint of the project, for example, a code freeze. If there is more than one label on a project, the labels display in alphabetical order.
Project labels can also be added as part of the checkpoint process.
Labels cannot contain colons (:), square brackets ([ ]), leading spaces, numbers in the same format as a valid revision number (1.23), or numbers without any spaces (14325). Numbers that contain spaces are acceptable, for example, 2432 1234.
To add a project label in the GUI
Select a checkpoint in the Project History view and select Project > Properties > Add Label. The following options are available:
Move Existing Label moves the label, if it already exists, to the revision specified.
Recurse Into Subprojects controls whether to assign the label to subprojects recursively.
If a subproject is not in the most recent checkpoint for the project selection due to it being unchanged, that subproject is not labeled. To label such subprojects, use the Include Unchanged Subprojects option with this command.
If you do not have permission to access a subproject, an error is displayed and the subproject and all of its child subprojects are not labeled.
If you do not have permission to move a label, an error is displayed for the affected subproject.
If a subproject is configured as build, the subproject is not labeled. Consequently, build subprojects on extendable development paths are also not labeled. To force the labeling of build subprojects, specify the Include Unchanged Subprojects option.
Include Unchanged Subprojects labels both unchanged subprojects and build subprojects.
To add a project label in the Web interface
Select a checkpoint in the Project History view and click History > Properties > Add Label
Select a project in the Project view and select Project > Add Label
You cannot add a label to a project if a checkpoint is in progress on that project.