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Activating a Development Path
si activatedevpath
The Activate Development Path action enables you to activate a development path that has been deactivated. This command requires that you specify either the mainline project and a development path, or a variant project or variant sandbox.
If the development path was restricted when it was deactivated, you must remove the restriction using the the si unrestrictproject command to allow users to make changes normally. For more information, see Manage Project Restrictions.
For information about making a development path inactive, see Deactivating a Development Path.
Accessing the Activate Action
When the Activate Development Path action is available, you can select Activate from the following menus:
From the main menu, select Project > Development Path > Activate.
You must customize the Project > Development Path menu to make the Activate action available.
Right-click the project for which you want to activate the development path, and select Activate Development Path.
You must customize the right-click menu to make the Activate Development Path action available.
From the Project History view, select Project > Development Path > Activate.
If you want to see a notification after the Activate development path action is complete, select the Notify when Complete checkbox.