Getting Started > Setting Client Preferences > General Preferences > To set general workflow and document preferences in the GUI
To set general workflow and document preferences in the GUI
1. Select File > Preferences. The Preferences Configuration dialog box displays.
2. In the tree pane, click Workflows and Documents > General. The General pane displays.
3. To set the Caching preference, specify the amount of disk space in megabytes (MB) used by the Windchill RV&S client per connection of Windchill RV&S. By default, the 100 MB of disk space is used for each connection’s cache.
At this time Windchill RV&S client only caches inline rich-text attachments.
4. To set the Spell Checking preferences, enter or browse to the External dictionary URL to specify the dictionary file that you want to use for spell checking the content of rich text fields in the GUI. By default, no URL is specified and spell checking uses the standard client dictionary supplied by Windchill RV&S. The standard dictionary is English only. You can use this preference to direct the Windchill RV&S client to use a custom spell checking dictionary on your intranet. Custom dictionaries can be for any European language; dictionaries for double byte languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) are not supported.
The User dictionary filename field displays the location of the user dictionary. This location cannot be changed. When you add new words or choose to ignore certain words during spell checking, these changes are stored in the user dictionary. You can Clear user dictionary to remove all your changes and restore the user dictionary to the standard dictionary. If you only want to remove some of your changes, edit the dictionary file. Custom words are listed in the dictionary under the date when they were added.
For the Web UI, your browser’s spell checking feature is used.