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Editor Preferences
The Editor pane in the Preferences Configuration dialog box contains default settings for the file editor tool used by Windchill RV&S when editing members.
Note the following:
Your administrator may enforce server-side preferences making them unavailable to you. These server enforced preferences depend on the server you are connected to while viewing the preferences. If you are not connected or logged in to a server, the Windchill RV&S client displays the local defaults for all preferences.
To set your preferences accurately, log in to the server you want to work from before setting preferences. The Preferences dialog box displays the server you are currently connected to in the title bar.
Options that appear in bold are those that are set locally by you. You can reset to the default settings by clicking the Clear Local Settings button (available only on the applicable panels).
A blank check box () means the option is not enabled, a check mark () means the option is enabled, and a question mark () means you will be prompted to confirm or specify the option.
To align Windchill RV&S’s file association behavior with Microsoft Windows Explorer, PTC recommends selecting explorer.exe as the editor instead of the system’s default editor. This ensures that when you double-click a file in Windchill RV&S or Windows Explorer, the file opens in the same application.
If required, you can change the default program that is associated with a file type in Microsoft Windows to open or edit a file. For more information about file types and their association with programs in Microsoft Windows, see the Microsoft product documentation.
To set editor preferences in the GUI