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Editing Merge Results
While you are working in Visual Merge, you can directly edit the merge result if necessary. This is typically required for resolving merge conflicts, but can be used in other situations as well.
In Visual Merge you can cut, copy, and paste text in the merge result. Visual Merge highlights the edited text and displays the edit icon () next to the line number. You can access editing functions in the following ways:
From the Edit menu, select Cut, Copy, Paste, or Select All.
From the toolbar, click the Cut, Copy, or Paste buttons.
From the shortcut menu, select Cut, Copy, Paste, or Select All.
Use the following shortcut keys:
Cut = CTRL+X
Copy = CTRL+C
Paste = CTRL+V
Select All = CTRL+A
You can also add and delete text by selecting a line within the merge result and type or delete as required.