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Working With Pending Revisions
Pending revisions are created by Windchill RV&S when a change package is submitted. If change package reviews are mandatory, the revision remains pending until the change package is accepted and is committed to the repository. When reviews are not mandatory, you only see pending revisions if a deferred operation that would have created a new revision fails to commit to the repository.
Pending revisions are denoted with pending in parenthesis in all views that display revision numbers, for example 1.2(pending).
In the case of a pending add member operation, the archive name for the pending revision is reserved on the server, thereby preventing other users from specifying the same archive name in any future add member operations.
To review a pending revision created by the action of another user, do one of the following:
Obtain a working file for the revision by checking out the revision by its number (you cannot obtain a lock on the pending revision).
Resyncing a pending revision from your Sandbox replaces the working file (corresponding to the pending revision) with the member revision.
View the working file for the pending change package entry from the Change Package view by selecting Member > Revision > View Contents.
Key Considerations
Except where noted below, all commands that involve revisions can be performed on pending revisions.
Pending revisions:
cannot be set as the member revision by a user
cannot be the basis for another revision, unless that revision is also a pending revision created by the same user in the same change package
can only be locked by their respective creators
can only be deleted by discarding the corresponding pending entry from the change package
are not recorded in a project checkpoint or Sandbox snapshot, and similarly do not appear in project restore
cannot be imported into a project
When checking out a member that has a pending revision that was created by you, the pending revision is selected by default in the GUI and Web interface if the change package containing the pending operation is open.