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Viewing and Editing Member Content
You can open a member in your default editor or in the editor associated with the file’s extension. You configure your default editor using Windchill RV&S client preferences. In the Web interface, the working file member is opened in a second browser window.
You can view the contents of a member, or you can edit the working file for the member.
To view the contents of a member, in the GUI, select Member > Revision > View Contents or in the Web, select History > View RevisionWhen you view the contents of a member,Windchill RV&S copies it to a read-only temporary file and opens it for you. The temporary file is not the revision. If you make changes to the file and want to save it, the actual revision is not modified.
To edit the contents of a member’s working file, in the GUI, select Member > Edit Working File or in the Web, select Member > View Member.
When you edit a working file, whether you can edit or just view the contents of the member depends upon whether you have read-only or read-write access to the member. You must have a member locked in your name to be able to check it in.
If you know the location of a revision, you can view it by typing the following URL in a browser:
http://<server>:<port>/si/viewrevision?projectName= <(sub)projectname>&revision=<revisionnumber>&selection= <membername>
for example
http://xyzBusiness:7001/si/viewrevision?projectName=c:/master_projects/SourceCode/frameworkproject.pj&revision= 1.4&selection=setup.ksh
Some special characters in member names may require the equivalent ASCII representation. For example, when a member name contains spaces, the Web Service call to fetchMemberURL encodes each literal space character as %20. To manually enter a hyperlink URL to a member name that contains spaces, PTC recommends typing %20 to represent each space.
Scanning for Changes
Changes to member information are automatically displayed in the GUI in the Sandbox view. You can also use the Scan for Changes feature to display changes if the client is offline from theWindchill RV&S server or if you need to see changes to working file information on your local drive.
To scan a Sandbox for changes in the GUI, from a Sandbox view, select View > Refresh. The Sandbox view displays members whose working file has changed (indicated by working file deltas), or a message informing you there are newer revisions available in the member history (indicated by member deltas).