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Thawing Members
si thaw
When you decide to allow project members to evolve again, you can thaw any frozen ones.
Thawing a member removes the restriction on changing member information in the project and makes previously checked in member information available to the project. Thawing a member is the opposite of freezing a member.
Select Member > Properties > Thaw.
Select Member > Thaw.
A sample thawing sequence is as follows:
As part of the development cycle of the Apex.pj project, the release engineer freezes the file utility.dll, revision 1.2.
A developer checks out utility.dll, revision 1.2, modifies it, and checks it back in.
The new version of utility.dll (that is, version 1.3) is not accessible to the Apex.pj project until revision 1.2 is thawed.
The release engineer thaws utility.dll, revision 1.2. Thawing revision 1.2 of utility.dll makes the changes available to the Apex.pj project. Windchill RV&S notifies that a newer revision of utility.dll (version 1.3) is available to the project.
Once the developer’s modifications are reviewed and accepted, the release engineer incorporates the modifications by choosing Member > Properties > Update Revision in the GUI or Member > Update Revision in the Web interface. Windchill RV&S updates Apex.pj to include the modifications previously checked in by the developer.
Revision 1.3 becomes the head revision for the project member utility.dll.