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Submitting Deferred Operations
si submit
To submit, or complete, a deferred operation, you use the Member > Submit Deferred command. Submitting the operation completes the command and makes it visible in the associated project.
For example, Chad completed his unit testing of the savings calculator with the new image. He can now submit his deferred drop and add of the image files.
If exclusive locking is enabled, you cannot submit a member with a deferred check in operation if you do not have a lock on the member. You must check out or lock the member before submitting the deferred check in operation. For more information on exclusive locking, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
By default, the change package that was specified during the deferred operation is used for the Submit Deferred command To select a different change package or create a change package, click Options and enable Override the change package to a specified value.
If change package reviews are mandatory, you do not need to submit deferred operations prior to submitting the change package.
The following are the options on the Submit Deferred dialog box.
Use the change package provided when the element was deferred
Selects the change package that was originally associated with the deferred item.
Override the change package to a specified value
Provides the means to select (or create) a different change package from the one that was originally associated with the deferred item.
Close Change Package
Closes the change package after submitting the item and completing the associated deferred operation. This option only appears if your administrator has enabled the use of change packages.