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Setting the Default Member Revision
si updaterevision
You can update a member revision without checking in a member by using the Update Revision command.
The member revision is the default revision that users work with in all other Sandboxes. For example, if demoapp.c1.1 is the member revision, setting 1.2 as the member revision makes it the default revision in all Sandboxes.
For example, code freeze has been reached on the stock calculator, and Steve has frozen all of the members in that project. When all the project members are frozen, Quality Assurance tests the code. In this case, they have found a bug in the stock calculator. Steve must now incorporate the fix into the project by thawing the member revision, updating it to the head revision, and freezing it again.
You can update the member revision to a pre-selected or pre-defined revision. This is useful when you want the member revisions in a project to reflect revisions based on a symbolic location in the development path (working file, head revision, trunk tip, or member branch tip) or property (state, label, or timestamp).
Select Member > Update Member Revision.
Select Member > Update Revision.
You cannot update a frozen member revision. You must first thaw the member revision and then update it.
Set Member Revision/Rule Dialog Box (GUI)
Set Member Revision/Rule Options (GUI)