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Resyncing Members
si resync
When many users are working from Sandboxes based on the same master project, it is common for the members in an individual Sandbox to become out of sync with the member revisions in the project. For example, the member revision of a particular file may be at 1.5, while you still have revision 1.2 in your Sandbox.
When this happens, a member delta symbol () displays next to the member in the Sandbox view, signaling its status.
To update out of sync working files to the most current member revisions, you resynchronize the members.
Resynchronizing members can overwrite files, even ones that you have locked and that have changed since you last checked them out. Be certain of your response to any prompts indicating that the files will be overwritten—once replaced, you cannot get back your changes. If files have been dropped from a project, resynchronizing deletes them.
If the revision that your working file is based on is locked by you, your lock is automatically moved to the member revision before the resync proceeds. If you had an exclusive lock on the working revision, and another user already has an exclusive lock on the member revision, you are prompted to downgrade your lock to non-exclusive.
If you are working in a sparse Sandbox, resynching deletes your working file, unless the revision that it is based on is locked by you.
When working in your Sandbox, you can also use the Resynchronize By Change Package command. When you select a member and use Resynchronize By Change Package, Windchill RV&S automatically searches the change package associated with the member you are resynchronizing and then brings all of the changes recorded in the change package from the project to your Sandbox.
To resynchronize a member in the GUI