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To resolve a merge in the GUI
1. Select a member with an unresolved merge symbol ().
2. Select Member > Merge > Resolve Merge. The Merge window displays.
If there are multiple revisions marked for merge for the same member, the Select Merge to Resolve window displays. From the Unresolved merge list, select the revisions to merge and then click OK. The Merge window displays.
3. Select one of the following options for how you want to complete the merge, then click OK:
Automatically completes the merge process without launching the Visual Merge tool.
If Windchill RV&S encounters a conflict, depending on your preferences the operation may be canceled, the revisions may be marked for merging later, the output file may be highlighted, or the Visual Merge tool may be launched.
Manually allows you to complete the merge operation through Visual Merge or a third party merge tool, based on your preferences. The merge tool appears in a new window displaying the revisions you want to merge. Perform merging and editing as required, then save the merge results and close the tool.
In your Sandbox view, a delta displays indicating that the merge is complete.
Reverting a change package may result in a merge to remove changes. In the Visual Merge tool, the revision from which changes are being removed is displayed in the Merge Out From pane.