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Renaming a Member
si rename
When you need to change the name of a file in your project, for example, the title of a user guide, you can rename the member while working from a Project or Sandbox view. Renaming a member performs a drop of the old member name, and an add of the new member name and creates a new revision in the archive, then copies the attributes from the old member name to the new member name. Once the member is renamed, the extension of the previous member revision is stored internally and is used to open the subsequent revision of the member.
The member’s archive remains the same and points to the old member name so that change packages, member histories, and project histories continue to work.
To rename a member in the GUI, select the member you want to rename, and then select Member > Rename.
Because renaming a member affects other users on the same development path, the member you want to rename must not be locked by any other user.
The new name must be in the same directory as the existing old name. To move a member into a new directory, use the Move Members command.
Renaming a Member That Is the Tip Revision
The tip revision is the most recent revision on a branch in a history.
When you rename an unlocked member, Windchill RV&S places a lock on that member and creates a new, unlocked revision at the tip. For example, if you rename an unlocked member (1.3), Windchill RV&S locks revision 1.3 and checks in a duplicate file for revision 1.4 with the new member name, leaving 1.4 unlocked.
If you rename a locked member, Windchill RV&S performs the rename operation and retains your lock. For example, if you rename a locked revision (1.3), Windchill RV&S performs the rename by checking in a duplicate file for 1.4 and then moves your lock to revision 1.4.
If you rename a member in a variant project while you also have the member locked in the master project, Windchill RV&S performs the rename operation but moves your lock to the variant member.
Renaming Members on a Branch
If you rename a member that is not the tip revision, that is, a revision along the branch, Windchill RV&S creates a duplicate of that revision along a new branch and updates the member revision to that branch.
Rename Member Options