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Moving Members Between Projects
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As software designs and project structures change, it may become necessary to move one or more members between projects, variants of the same project, or directories in a project.
For example, if you are re-designing and expanding your company web site, you can organize the site more efficiently by moving some of the files to new and existing directories and subprojects.
Moving a member performs a drop in the source project and an add in the target project, creating a new revision in the existing archive. The member’s archive remains in its original location in the repository so that change packages, member histories, and project histories continue to work. If the move is performed with a change package, the member is added as a single Move entry in the change package. If you are moving multiple members, any common directory prefix shared by the members is automatically removed by default during the move.
You can move one or more members between projects or directories in a Project or Sandbox view using the menu command or by using the drag-and-drop method.
Key Considerations
Moving members between projects on different servers is not supported.
To move a member, you require the DropMember permission on the project you are moving the member from and the AddMember permission on the project you are moving the member to.
You can perform deferred member moves only if both the source and target locations are Sandboxes.
The move members command does not work recursively on subprojects. To move one or more subprojects, use the Project > Subproject > Move command.
Windchill RV&S detects whether any ACLs exist in the tree defined by the source project, the target project, and the common root between them (or the global ACL, if there is no common root). If any ACLs are found, Windchill RV&S warns you so you can manually make any required adjustments to the ACLs after the move is complete. For more information on ACLs, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
To move a member in the GUI
To move a member by dragging in the GUI
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