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Merging Modified Working Files
If you modify your working file without having a lock, you can merge your working file changes with the member revision. This allows you to have the most complete working file available.
You can merge your working file automatically when you perform a Check Out or Resync operation on the member by selecting the Merge Working File If Changed option.
For example, the member revision of demoapp.c is 1.4. Todd has revision 1.3 in his Sandbox and has made changes to the working file. He wants to check out the member revision, but he also wants to merge the changes he made to the working file into the checked out member revision. Todd uses the Merge Working File If Changed option.
Depending on your Check Out options or the preferences you have set for the Resync command, Windchill RV&S takes one of the following actions when a conflict occurs:
Windchill RV&S asks you to confirm the action to be taken.
Windchill RV&S cancels the operation.
Windchill RV&S exits the merge operation, and marks the working file with an unresolved merge icon.
Windchill RV&S automatically launches the Visual Merge tool.
Windchill RV&S completes the merge automatically and highlights any conflicts in the working file.
When merging on checkout, any changes to the working file are merged and the member is checked out for editing.
When merging on resync, the selected member is updated and merged.