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Viewing Member / Revision Information
si memberinfo, si revisioninfo
The Member Information view displays information for a specified member. The Revision Information view displays information for a specified revision.
In the GUI, select Member > Views > View Information, or in the Web, select Member > Member Information. The Member Information view displays.
If configured by your administrator, checksums will be calculated each time a new member revision is committed to the archive. The checksums are then verified when a member revision is received by the Windchill RV&S client. This ensures data integrity between the Windchill RV&S server and the client.
To determine if a member revision has a checksum, you can run the si revisioninfo command for the revision and look for the value assigned to Has Checksum (Yes means that there is a checksum stored for that revision). For more information on the si revisioninfo command, see the CLI man pages.
The General tab displays the following member information.
Member Name
Path and name of the member.
Project/Sandbox Name
Path and name of the member’s project or Sandbox.
Member Revision/Revision
Revision number of the selected member or revision. In the Member Information view, you can select another revision by choosing a revision from the list.
Archive shared
Specifies if the member shares another member’s archive.
Member is a symbolic link (Member Information view only)
Text displays only if the member is a symbolic link file.
Created By
Name of the user who created the revision and the date and time it was created.
The locks table lists all the locks on the revision. For each lock, it displays the following information by default:
Locker displays the name of the user who locked the revision.
Lock Type displays whether the revision is locked with an exclusive or non-exclusive lock.
Development Path displays the name of the development path that the revision is locked on.
Lists the merges for the member, or merges that created the revision (if there are no merges, Merge information does not display). For example:
Merged differences between 1.1 and 1.2 into 1.3, creating 1.4
Reverting a change package may result in merges to remove lines. Those merges are also listed. For example:
Merged differences between 1.2 and 1.1 out of 1.3, creating 1.4
State assigned to the revision. To change the state of the revision, choose a state from the State list. States are defined by your administrator.
Revision Description
Brief description of the revision. You cannot change an existing revision description from this dialog box, but you can append additional comments to it. To do so, enter any supplemental information in the Revision Description field below the present information.
As part of the change package review process, if the member has a pending operation against it or one of its revisions, or if the member is located within a pending subproject, information displays in a note, for example, This member has a pending update to member revision 1.2 by devans.
The Member Attributes tab displays any attributes used to categorize member. You can use member attributes to perform operations on members as a group. For example, in the GUI you could use the Select command to highlight only those members with the attribute sys=dos and then check them out as a group. You can add or delete member attributes on this tab. Attributes conform to either of the following formats:
No variable can exceed 80 characters, and no value can exceed 1024 characters.
The Labels tab displays, in alphabetical order, any labels used to describe and refer to a revision of a member. Labels can be based on the product release the revision was included in, on the content of the revision, on changes made to the revision, or any other sort of information that would be useful in identifying that particular revision. Although you generally assign a label to a new revision upon check in, you may sometimes want to add an additional label or change the label assigned to a revision.
The Change Package tab displays any change packages associated with the member or revision.
The Member Revision tab displays the project and development path that the member or revision is the member revision in. Only projects that you have the OpenProject permission for display.
The Rules tab displays for the Member Information View only. A member rule is a revision—typically a symbolic revision—attached to a member. You can use it with any command that allows you to specify a revision based on the member rule.
To edit a rule, you require the ModifyMemberRule permission.