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Viewing Member Archive Information
si archiveinfo
A member’s content is stored in an archive. You can view information about the member archive and set locking, compression and storage properties for the archive.
In the GUI, select Member > Archive > View Information, or in the Web, select History > Archive Information. The Annotated Revision view displays.
By default, the Archive Information view displays the following information:
Member Name is the path and name of the member that the archive is for.
Project/Sandbox Name is the path and name of the member’s project or Sandbox.
Archive Name is the path and name of the displayed archive.
Archive Type displays the type of data stored in the archive.
Default Branch specifies the starting point of the default branch. To specify a default branch, enter a branch number in the Default Branch field, for example, 2.1.1.
Exclusive Lock Mandatory specifies if an exclusive locks policy is in effect for the archive. With an exclusive locks policy, you must have an exclusive lock before checking in any changes.
Store by Reference causes each revision to be saved to a separate file, instead of saving all revisions to one file. This feature improves performance for text file archives. To store the archive by reference, select the Store by Reference option.
Shared specifies if other members share the archive.
Archive Description describes the archive. If necessary, enter or edit a description.
Revision labels in the archive, for example, Draft1 1.1.
For each lock on the archive, it displays the following information:
Locker displays the name of the users who locked the revision.
Lock Type displays whether the user has an exclusive or non-exclusive lock on the revision.
Revision displays the revision number of the locked revision.