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Locking a Member
si lock
A lock is a feature of Windchill RV&S that controls how changes are made to revisions. When a change is checked in, it requires the revision being updated to be locked, in order to prevent more than one user from simultaneously checking in changes to the same revision.
Normally you lock a member during a checkout. Sometimes, however, you may have made changes to a working file that was not checked out in your name first. In this case, you can set a lock without overriding your changes.
To lock a member, select the member or revision in the GUI, then select Member > Locks > Lock.
The person who has a revision locked is referred to as the locker.
You can upgrade your lock from a non-exclusive lock to an exclusive lock in the Locks view.
The following are the options on the Lock Revision dialog box:
Lock Type
Allows you to determine the type of lock obtained. Select one of the following options:
To obtain an exclusive lock on the member, select Exclusive. An exclusive lock prevents other users from checking in changes.
To obtain a non-exclusive lock on the member, select Non Exclusive. A non-exclusive lock enables other users to check in changes.
To obtain a lock type based on the locks policy, select Follow Policy. For information on the locks policy, contact your administrator.
Downgrade Lock Request on Conflict
Obtains a non-exclusive lock when you try to get an exclusive lock on a revision that another user has an exclusive lock on.
Revision Mismatch is Error
Causes an error to display if the working revision does not match the member revision. This option only displays if you are performing the Lock operation from a Sandbox.