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Deferring Member Operations
For certain operations in Windchill RV&S, you can defer the completion of the command until a later time. The defer option allows you to see the effect of the operation in your Sandbox without affecting the project. The deferral of operations is provided as a selectable option in two ways: through the GUI and in the command line interface as the --defer option.
For example, Chad is assigned to change the current savings calculator menu image to match the other menu images. To do this, he needs to drop the current image and add a new one. Chad uses a deferred add and drop because he does not want to commit his changes until he finishes unit testing his modifications.
You can apply the defer option to the following operations:
Adding members to a project
Adding members from archive to a project
Moving members
Dropping members from a project
Checking in a member
Renaming a member
You can apply the Deferred Items filter to display any members that are associated with deferred operations.
A deferred member is a member that is associated with any deferred operation (add, drop, checkin, rename, move, import, add from archive, update revision). A deferred member displays in the Sandbox, but the deferred operation is not shown in the project until the deferred operation is submitted.
Deferred operations are visible only from the client-side Sandbox and are seen in the project only when they are submitted. It is important to note that deferred operations can be added to a change package and then submitted as a group of changes, but the deferred operations do not appear on the Windchill RV&S server until they are submitted to the project.
With the exception of deferred rename, move, and checkin operations, Windchill RV&S supports only single deferred operations on a member. If you try to perform multiple deferred operations on a single member, Windchill RV&S reports an error.
Once you have specified a deferred operation on a member, Windchill RV&S does not allow any further operations that would cause that member to be modified.
You can simultaneously defer rename, move and/or checkin operations on a single member. When these deferred operations are submitted, Windchill RV&S first performs the checkin operation followed by the rename operation, then the move operation. The sequence for performing these operations is set by default and is not configurable.
If change package reviews are mandatory, ensure that the deferred option is enabled in command dialog boxes, or Windchill RV&S creates pending entries (and if necessary pending revisions) at the time the command operation is completed rather than when the associated change package is submitted.