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Annotated Revision View
In the GUI, select Member > Views > View Annotated, or in the Web, select History > View Annotated Revision. The Annotated Revision view displays.
In the Web interface, the revision information for the specified revision displays in the bottom frame.
Select View to perform the following tasks:
Find searches for the first instance of a text string in the revision contents column and highlights the text.
Find Next applies the last search to the remaining revision contents column and highlights the next instance the text displays.
Find Previous applies the last search for the text string to the revision contents column in reverse order.
Character Encoding changes the character encoding used to display the revision contents.
Go to Line displays a specific line of text. To go to a specific line, enter the number for the line, for example, 33. The line of code displays in the center of the pane if it exists in a scrolling region.
The Annotated Revision view display the following information:
Revision number for each annotated block. If the revision is pending, then pending displays in parentheses.
Author of the revision.
Date each revision was created.
Line number for each line of text in the revision.
Revision Contents
Text contained in each annotation block.
C.P. ID (not displayed by default)
Change package ID for the annotation block.
Label (not displayed by default)
Label for the annotation block.