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Adding Labels to Members
si addlabel
A revision label is a textual name that describes and refers to a revision. When a member is checked in, you are given the option of assigning it a revision label. Labels can be based on the product release the revision was included in, on the content of the revision, on changes made to the revision, or any other sort of information that would be useful in identifying that particular revision. Revisions in a history can be displayed and selected either by revision number or revision label.
Labels cannot contain colons (:), square brackets ([ ]), leading spaces, numbers in the same format as a valid revision number (1.23), or numbers without any spaces (14325). Numbers that contain spaces are acceptable, for example, 2432 1234.
Although you generally add a label to a new revision upon check in, there may be times when you want to add an additional label or change the label assigned to a revision. For example, you might want to label each member in a project when you checkpoint the project.
In the Web interface, Windchill RV&S displays up to three member labels in the Labels column of the Project view. If a member has more than three labels, Windchill RV&S displays a link () that you can click to view all the member labels. Labels appear in alphabetical order in selection lists.
Select Member > Properties > Add Label
Select Member > Add Label
If the label you are adding already exists on another revision, click Options, and select the Move Existing Label option.
You can also add labels to the member in the Member Information dialog box or Revision Information dialog box.