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Supported HTML in Rich Content Fields
The GUI and Web interface render rich content as it is intended to display. However, the CLI and API display rich content as HTML elements and attributes.
Rich content fields support the following HTML elements and attributes:
Detailed information about HTML is beyond the scope of this guide.
Typing HTML tags in a rich content field from the GUI or Web interface does not apply the HTML tags. For example, typing <b>text</b> displays <b>text</b> when you save the item.
<!-- MKS HTML -->
Mandatory element that prefaces all elements in a rich content field. Other comments are removed.
<h1> to <h6>
style, align
size, width
<ol>, <ul>, <li>
src, border, alt, align, hspace, vspace, height, width, style
href, title, onclick, name
For item links, href is:
where itemID is the ID of the item you want to link to.
For attachment links, href is:
where AttachmentField is the name of the attachment field containing the attachment and attachment is the name of the attachment you want to link to.
For bookmarks, name is:
<a name="bookmarkName"></a>
where bookmarkName is the bookmark name, for example, <a name="Figure7_2">Figure 7-2</a>.
For cross-reference links, href is:
where bookmark is the bookmark the cross-reference links to, for example, mks:///document/bookmark?bookmarkname=Figure7_2.
style, color, face, size
style, align
Converted to <b>.
Converted to <i>.
Converted to <strike>.
style, align, border, width, cellpadding, cellspacing, summary, frame, rules, bgcolor, background
style, rowspace, align, height, width, bgcolor, valign, background