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Working With Item Change Packages
As part of Windchill RV&S’s software configuration management capabilities, change packages group changes to Windchill RV&S members that were made as a result of the item. For example, a defect’s change package might include the files that were changed in order to correct the problem. While viewing or editing an item, you can create, view, or close a change package for that item.
By default, Windchill RV&S includes two change package types: Windchill RV&S and Implementer. A change package type consists of change package attributes and change package entry attributes.
If you are using change packages in your environment and need more detailed information on using them with software configuration management projects, contact your administrator.
Your administrator defines the following:
What item types can have change packages created for them.
Who is allowed to create change packages for a specific item type.
What item states allow open change packages.
For further assistance, contact your administrator.
Change Package Tasks
The following table describes change package tasks for an item:
Create a change package for an item
In the GUI, click Change Package > Create or File > New > Change Package.
In the Web interface, click and select Create Change Package.
View an item’s change package details
On the Change Packages tab of the Item Details view:
In the GUI, select a change package and select Change Package > View Change Package Details.
In the Web interface, select a change package and click the change package ID link.
When viewing a change package you can edit the change package information if required, for example, to provide a more complete summary or description.
Close an item’s change package (GUI only)
Select a change package on the Change Packages tab and select Change Package > Close.
Closing a change package allows the item to move forward in the workflow.