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What Are Items?
Items are the basic building blocks of the Windchill RV&S data model, and represent the information assets and process objects associated with software development. For example, items can represent portfolios, projects, requirements, functional specifications, test cases, change requests, and defects. Standard items in Windchill RV&S include all of the assets needed to manage the end-to-end development lifecycle. Every item is configurable and contains metadata and history about that item. New item types can be added as needed to address your organization’s specific needs.
Item types and how they relate to one another in the Application Lifecycle Management solution
Every item type has its own enforceable workflow which describes how it moves from state to state, complete with definable rules, full audit trails, and security. Escalations, conditional assignments, notifications, and external processes can all be defined and initiated as part of Windchill RV&S’s process automation.