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To view item details
Do one of the following:
Select File > Open > Item, and then specify an item.
In the Itemsview, select an item, and then Item > View Item Details or File > Open > Selected.
If you know the ID of an item, you can enter the ID and view the item details by doing one of the following:
In the item ID field, type the item ID and press ENTER.
If document versioning is enabled, you can also display versioned items. To type the ID of a versioned item, use the format Live Item ID-major.minor, for example, 184-1.2.
In the Items pane, press CTRL+number. For example, CTRL+23 selects the item with ID 23.
In the Items view, select an item and select View Item.
You can also click the item’s ID in the Items view.