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Using Project Filters in the Items View (GUI)
A project filter allows querying within the context of a selected project.
A project filter enables you to apply a project filter on top of a query. This enables you to narrow down query results when searching for an item or items without changing the query. It also enables you to maintain a set of commonly used projects, which you can then filter further as required.
By default, project filtering is enabled but with no projects selected and therefore displays items in all projects.
You can also enable project filtering for text searches. For more information, see “To search for text using a project filter (GUI only)”.
Selecting Unspecified means Windchill RV&S searches to find items where no project is assigned.
In his Quick Query, Chad sees all his items, but he is only interested in items that belong to the ABC Tools project. Chad uses the project filter to display only ABC Tools project items.
To use project filtering in the GUI