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Configuring the Items View (GUI)
You can configure the look of the Items view to include what view components display and how the item information displays.
1. Select View > Options. The Options window opens.
2. On the General tab, select the following options as required.
View layout
Show query builder displays the query builder in the Items view.
Show project filter displays the project filter in the Items view.
Substitute parameters displays parameter values for parameter references in text fields in the viewing or editing panel.
Parameters are not substituted in the untested items view.
Table Content
No Wrapping displays standard rows in the Items pane.
Wrapping displays the entire contents of a field in the Items pane. This allows for images, tables, and other rich content to display.
Editable enables you to edit items directly in the Items pane.
To display a source link field in table format in the Items view, you must configure the view to use wrapping.
Item Preview
Off displays the Items pane only.
Editable enables you to edit item details for the item selected in the Items pane. You cannot select this option in combination with View Only.
View Only enables you to view items details for the item selected in the Items pane. You cannot select this option in combination with Editable.
Field Relationships
Clear values that have been made invalid by a field relationship change specifies whether invalid values are automatically cleared. A change to a source field value in a field relationship (constraint) can make the value in the related target field invalid. If this checkbox displays a ?, you are prompted with a message so that you choose whether to clear the invalid value. If this checkbox is cleared, invalid values are not cleared. If this checkbox is selected, invalid values are cleared.
Tooltip Display
Show full field value in tooltip specifies whether to display full or truncated tooltips for long field values. When this checkbox is cleared (default), truncated tooltips are shown. When this checkbox is selected, full field values are shown.
3. On the Colors tab, specify the colors you want to use to highlight mandatory fields and the row that is being edited. To be able to edit a row, Editable must be selected under Table Content on the General tab.
4. On the Messages tab, select the following options as required.
Show the mandatory field information popup displays a message when a mandatory field has no value. The default message indicates the name of the mandatory field which requires a value before a save can occur. The color for mandatory fields is specified on the Colors tab.
Show confirmation message before saving a modified item displays a message for confirming the save of a modified item before submitting it to the server.
Show the not editable field information popup displays a message when you attempt to edit a non-editable field.
5. On the Titles tab, define the layout of the item node that displays in the Structure column if it is visible in the view. This column shows the document structure of the item.
You can directly enter field values surrounded by {} brackets. You can also click Fields to insert fields.
Additionally, descriptive text can be entered outside of the brackets. Any text that you enter outside of the brackets is shown for each item in the Structure column. Adding text can be useful for clarity. For example, you can add a field label.