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User Interface Components
At the top of the Items view, a filter bar allows you to filter the items currently in the view by text and pre-defined filters. The filter criteria creates a sentence in the filter bar that indicates what you are looking for, for example: Show items containing hardware where Type is one of Defect.
The following is an example of an active filter bar in the GUI:
The following is an example of an active filter bar in the Web interface:
The filter bar includes the following user interface components that allow you to refine query results:
Filter Status
As you apply filters, the filter status icon animates to indicate progress. When a filter is applied in the GUI, the color of the filter bar changes color. When the filter is removed, the filter bar reverts to the default color.
The filter status icon also animates when you refresh the Items view or re-run the query.
Text Filter Field
Filters items by text, based on text in the visible columns in the Items view.
Type the text that you want to filter by. The list of items is filtered when there is a pause in typing or when you finish typing.
Note the following:
The text filter field is case-insensitive.
To filter for an exact text string, use double quotes, for example, “water depth”. If you do not specify double quotes, Windchill RV&S searches for items containing all of the words in the text string in any order.
You can also filter by numeric values. A text filter that includes an ID returns results; however, it does not return the specific ID you are searching for. For example, if you type 22, items 221, 222, and 223 also display.
Remove Text Filter
Clears the text filter field. It does not remove any enabled pre-defined filters.
Pre-defined Filters
Pre-defined filters from the where list enable you to filter based on values in the visible columns in the view.
These filters are cleared when you click the where filter and select Reset.
In the Web interface, these filters are also cleared when you run a different query.
Filters Button (Web only)
Manages pinned and saved filters. As you work with filters, the Filters Button changes to indicate the status of the filter(s):
If there are no pinned filters, the filters button is gray ().
If there are pinned filters, the number of filters displays beside the filters button, for example, .
If the pinned filters are disabled, the button is gray with the number of filters beside the filters button, for example, .
Key Considerations
Only Items views with less than 3,000 rows can be text filtered. This value is non-configurable. To filter more than 3,000 rows with the text filter, apply pre-defined filters to refine the results below 3,000 rows, and then apply a text filter.
You can use inline editing to edit matching rows in the view. If you change the value in a row that matched the filter, the row remains visible until you re-apply the filter.
If a text filter is currently applied:
and you modify the active query using the Query Builder, refresh the Items view, or re-run the active query, the text filter is re-applied.
and you select a different query from the query selector or perform a global text search, the text filter is removed.
In both scenarios, any active pre-defined filters from the where list are not removed.
If a text filter and project filter are currently applied:
the text filter is applied against the project filter results.
and you change the project, the text filter is re-applied.
If you enable the Show confirmation message before saving a modified item option, inline edit a row and then apply or remove a filter, you are prompted to save or revert your changes first. After saving or reverting your changes, the filter is applied or removed. If you disable the option, inline edit a row and then apply or remove a filter, your changes to the row are automatically saved and the filter is applied or removed.
If document versioning is enabled, you can specify the following attribute filters to filter data by live or versioned items:
Item is live filters the data by live items.
Item is versioned filters the data by versioned items.