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Editing Items Inline (GUI Only)
You can easily edit item fields from the Items view in the GUI, without requiring the Item > Edit command or its subsequent dialog box. To do this you can:
Enable inline editing
Display the Edit Item Details view in the Items view.
Other users can make changes to items that affect your Items view while you are editing items in it. To see their changes, select View > Refresh.
Using Inline Editing in the GUI
To enable inline editing, select View > Options, and under Table Content, select Editable.
To edit an item field, click the field to select it (the data filter displays for applicable fields), then modify it according to its type.
An asterisk (*) displays in the view title bar if there are unsaved changes to an item in the view.
You cannot inline edit an item if a relevance rule is set that prevents it. Contact your type administrator for more information.
Some fields include text formatting capabilities similar to those used in conventional word processor applications. Selecting such fields causes additional formatting menu items and toolbar buttons to become active and available.
To follow a hyperlink in the field, press CTRL+click the hyperlink.
Editing Items in the Edit Item Details Pane
To enable editing in the Edit Item Details pane, select View > Options, and then select Editable under Item Preview on the General tab of the Options dialog box.
Editing items through the Edit Item Details pane instead of the Items pane enables you to edit all editable fields and correct errors in fields that do not display in the Items pane. If the pane does not display, it displays automatically whenever you need to resolve a mandatory field that does not display in the Items view, as well as for problems with field relationships (constraints), event triggers, and editing conflicts.
A change made in the Items pane (using inline editing) is reflected in the Edit Item Details pane and a change made in the Edit Item Details pane is reflected in the Items pane if that field displays as a column. When the item is modified in either pane, the view title bar shows the changed symbol (*) and a displays beside the list item and at the top of the detail pane until the changes are saved. Changes are saved when you move to another item in the list.
Use either the Edit Item Details pane or the Items pane to edit item fields. Avoid using the Edit Item Details pane and the Items pane together to make the edits.