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Copying an Item
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You can copy the common fields of an item and save them as a new item with a different name. Copying an item is useful when you want to spawn a new item from an existing item, retaining the existing information in the common fields. For example, if you want to spawn a Docs item from a Change Order item, copying the Change Order item retains the common fields and uses them in the new Docs item.
Windchill RV&S determines common fields based on the following:
Any fields defined as copy fields for the item type by your administrator that are visible to you in both the item type being copied and the new item type being created.
If no copy fields have been defined by your administrator, all fields visible to you on both item types are copied, except for relationship and attachment fields (attachments referenced in rich content fields can be copied).
Your administrator determines which fields are copied for each item type by default. You can add or remove fields to be copied when you copy an item.
Before you copy an item, ensure that you have the permissions to create the new item type and fill out the relevant fields.
For further assistance, contact your administrator.
To copy an item