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To batch edit multiple items
1. In the Items view, select the items you want to edit, and select Item > Edit (GUI) or Edit Item (Web).
2. Use the data filter to select the fields you want to edit.
3. If a field is a multi-valued pick, user, group, item backed picklist (IBPL), or relationship field, click one of the following:
replace all existing field values with new field values.
add new field values.
remove existing field values.
4. Use the data filter to replace, add, or remove field values for each field. Windchill RV&S evaluates field relevance immediately and dynamically updates the data filter and the Edit Items window.
In cases where a field value update brings back a previously irrelevant field, that field is added to the data filter, but the field does not automatically display on the Edit Items window. Manually select the field from the data filter to display it in the window and edit its value.
When batch editing more than one type of item, relevant fields may not dynamically display due to the field relevance rules set per item type. Only relevant fields common to all of the items being batch edited display on the Edit Items window.
5. To accept the batch edits, click OK.