Getting Started > Client Installation > Uninstalling the Windchill RV&S Client > To uninstall the Windchill RV&S client on Windows
To uninstall the Windchill RV&S client on Windows
1. Do one of the following:
Run the uninstall program file:
where installdir is the path to the directory where you installed the Windchill RV&S client.
Use the appropriate command in the Control Panel for your version of Windows.
The Uninstall Windchill RV&S Client 12 panel displays.
The uninstall program removes all installed components, except any files or directories created after the installation.
If you installed the client using a silent install, the uninstall is also silent. No dialog box displays and no further action is required.
2. Click Uninstall. The Windchill RV&S client files are uninstalled, and the Uninstall Complete dialog box displays.
3. Choose whether to have your system restarted automatically or restart it yourself and click Done. Your computer restarts automatically or continues to operate according to the selection you made.