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Windchill RV&S Client Post-installation Considerations
The .mks directory located in the user profile directory or specified by the MKS_IC_INSTANCE_DIR environment variable contains the following Windchill RV&S files:
Backup files for unsaved changes during multiple-row editing
Backup files for unsaved changes during pending import
Multiple files of various viewsets containing open views information along with user customizations in viewsets, if any
Client-side database and its backups that stores Configuration Management project information
Before launching a newly installed client that replaced an older Windchill RV&S client, users must configure the new client to point to the correct parent directory of the .mks directory of the client that was replaced. If the newly installed client is unable to access these files, users may lose the following:
User preferences
Unsaved data in multiple-row editing document views
After the installation is complete, client preferences can be changed at any time by selecting Options in the Windchill RV&S client.
The Windchill RV&S client GUI does not start if users update the JRE version after installing the client GUI. In such cases, users must run the changejvm.exe utility on the supported Microsoft Windows platforms or changejvm.bin on the supported Linux platforms. The utility is located at <client installation path>\util.
Users must do the following:
1. Provide the existing path of the Windchill RV&S client when prompted.
2. Specify the path of updated JRE installation when prompted.
3. Restart the client GUI after running the utility.
On Linux, users must have file permissions to the Windchill RV&S client directory. Specifically, users must have write access to the IntegrityClient.log file located in installdir/bin.
On Linux, users must install the libXScrnSaver package.