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Configuring Toolbars
Toolbars are fully customizable to suit your individual preferences. Changes made to toolbars are displayed immediately.
You can customize toolbars by:
displaying only the toolbars and buttons that you normally use
displaying additional toolbar buttons that have become obscured by too many toolbars in the toolbar area
moving toolbars around the toolbar area
hiding toolbars temporarily to create more space
adding a custom toolbar button to link to frequently performed tasks
Displaying and Hiding Toolbars
To display or hide a toolbar, right-click anywhere in the toolbar area, and select the toolbar you want to display or hide. Displayed toolbars are indicated by a check mark.
You can also display and hide toolbars by customizing the active ViewSet.
Displaying Additional Toolbars
Sometimes all the available buttons on a toolbar may become obscured by too many toolbars in the toolbar area. To display additional buttons in a toolbar, click >>. More buttons display in a list.
Moving Toolbars
To move a toolbar to any location in the toolbar or menu bar area, click its handle and drag it to the specified location. To prevent a row of toolbars from moving, you can lock it in place by right-clicking anywhere in the toolbar area and selecting Lock the Toolbars. When the row is locked, the handles are hidden. To enable the row of toolbars to move, right-click anywhere in the toolbar area and select Lock the Toolbars. The handles display.