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To customize a shortcut menu in the GUI
1. In a view, right-click an object, such as a member, then select Customize This Menu. The Customize <“View”> Popup Menu dialog box displays.
2. To add an action, click +. The Add to <“View”> Popup Menu dialog box displays.
3. Select an item to add to the shortcut menu. The available choices are:
Separator adds a line separator after the last action in the shortcut menu.
Action adds an action to the shortcut menu. Choose an action group from the drop-down list, for example, Configuration Management/Member, then select an action from the list.
Custom actions are also available from the list of available actions. Although you can select custom actions for the shortcut menu, they cannot be defined from this dialog, but must be defined from the ViewSet instead. For more information, see “Defining Custom Actions”.
4. Click OK. The item displays in the Customize <“View”> Popup Menu dialog box.
5. To accept the shortcut menu changes, click OK.