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Quick Access Keys
By default, steps are described perform steps using the mouse. For your convenience, an alternate way to perform many of those same steps is available using the keyboard.
Access Keys
Keyboard access keys appear as underlined letters on a menu command or as a dialog box option, allowing you to access most items on the interface. You use the access keys by pressing and holding the ALT key, then the key indicated by the underlined letter.
Shortcut Keys
For some commands, shortcut keys are provided as well as access keys. Shortcuts display on menus opposite their command names. For example:
In the Sandbox view:
INSERT is the same as Add > Member.
F2 is the same as Member > Check Out.
In the Items view:
ENTER is the same as Item > View Item Details.
INSERT is the same as Item > Create.
CTRL+E is the same as Item > Edit.