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Editing a Query
im editquery
You can edit the Quick Query or any named queries you create. Principals (users and groups) a named query is shared with can edit it if they have edit permissions assigned to them by the query creator.
Before you edit a query, ensure that you have the following:
CreateQuery permission.
Visibility permissions and relevance rules apply to the item types and fields you want to query on. Visibility rules restrict access to specific information based on project, and/or item type. Relevance rules are a set of field conditions that determine which fields you can view. You will only see fields you have permission to view.
For further assistance, contact your administrator.
Key Considerations
You cannot hide, delete, share with other users and groups, rename, or add a description/image to the Quick Query.
Queries with several filters may take longer to run than queries with only one or two filters.
You can edit a query’s default columns if they are currently being used in an Items view; you are prompted to run the query to update the Items view after you make the changes.
You cannot save changes to a query that is an admin provided object. You must save it as a copy first.
To edit a query