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To check in a document version
To create a document version, you select Document > Check In. After checking in a document version, you can view the created version but you cannot perform any significant edits on it.
Versioned documents are represented by the icon. Individual versioned documents and content display a highlight at the top of the item, for example:
In addition, when viewing a versioned document, the document Outline displays a plus sign ().
1. For the document you want to create a version for, do one of the following:
Open the document in the Document view.
Select the document from an applicable view or field, for example, the Items view or a relationship field.
2. Choose Document > Check In. The Check In dialog box displays.
If multiple documents are selected for the check-in operation, the title of the Check In dialog box displays item IDs of any two selected items in a random order.
3. Select the content items to check in. You can selectively check in the content depending on the type of changes made to them:
Edited significant fields since last version. Select this option to version only the significant edited items. This is the default option.
Edited since last version. Select this option to version all the edited items.
All content items. Select this option to version all items even if no modifications have been made to them.
The trace status may not be updated in the following scenarios:
Versioned content items:
When users perform the following actions:
Add traces to the live content items after the check-in operation.
Perform a subsequent document check-in with the Edited significant fields since last version option selected from the GUI or using the --significant option from CLI.
New versions for the traced contents are not created if the trace relationship fields are not included in the significant edit fields. Though the newly added traces are copied to the latest available content item versions, their trace status value is not updated.
Live content items:
When users create traces between the versioned upstream and live downstream content items, and check in the live downstream document, the traces are moved to the new content item versions. However, the trace status value for the live content items is not updated.
4. Select the type of check-in operation you want to perform:
Major. Selecting the Major option creates a new document version where the major version number is increased. For example, increasing the version from 1.1 to 2.0. This is the default option.
Minor. Selecting the Minor option creates a new document version where the minor version number is increased. For example, increasing the version from 1.1 to 1.2.
Content items that point to an included or inserted document are also checked in.
To be copied to the document version, relationship fields must be configured to allow multi-valued relationships. Single-valued relationship fields are ignored by the check-in operation.
5. You can specify a description for the check in to explain why a new version was created. This description can be viewed from the versioned item. Also, you can select the Apply description to all content items checkbox. If you select this checkbox, then the description applies to all the content items.
If you have selected All content items, then the status of this checkbox becomes selected and uneditable.
6. If Windchill RV&S encounters single-valued relationship fields in the document, the Ignore single-valued relationship fields dialog box is displayed.
To review details on the affected fields, click Show Details. To have such fields configured as multi-valued, contact your Windchill RV&S administrator.
For large or complex documents, the check-in operation can take an extended time to complete. To have Windchill RV&S display a message when the operation is complete, you can select the option for Notify me when the check in operation is complete.
If you select this option, Windchill RV&S displays the Check In Completed dialog box, which includes details on any documents that were not successfully checked in.