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Removing Baselines From Documents
im removebaseline
A baseline is a special label added to documents that captures a meaningful point in the document’s history. Typically, PTC does not recommend removing a baseline; however, you may want to remove a document baseline if you want the baseline label to refer to a new date and time.
To remove a baseline, select the documents containing the baseline you want to remove. If you select more than one document, you can only remove baselines that are common to all the selected documents. This means that only baseline labels containing the same name across all the selected documents can be removed at once.
Your administrator determines the item types that allow labels and who can remove labels from those items. Labels are one of several attributes that can be configured on a Windchill RV&S type. To enable or disable type attributes, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
Key Considerations
Your Windchill RV&S administrator determines who can create baselines by configuring the rules associated with removing labels on your document type.
If you specify a node in the remove baseline operation, the operation is applied to the document that node is contained in.
To remove a baseline from a document
To remove a baseline from multiple documents