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To delete a row or section
im removecontent
Select the row that you want to delete in the Content pane and select Content > Delete or press the DELETE key. When content is deleted from a document, all trace relationships between the content item and other content items are removed. All traces from the content item to source code are also removed.
You can delete multiple sections but they must all be at the same section level within the same document. For example, sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.5 can be selected together, while sections 4, and 4.1 cannot.
You cannot delete content that has a share reference as other documents are dependent.
Availability of the following option depends on how your administrator has configured the Content menu.
Select the section node that you want to delete in the Outline pane of the Document view and select Content > Delete Section. The selection and corresponding child content (subsections and other content) are deleted from the document.