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To copy multiple content items in the GUI
1. Open the applicable documents.
2. Press CTRL and select the multiple rows in either the Content pane or Outline pane.
Selecting a node to copy from the Content pane results in just the selected items being copied. Selecting a node to copy from the Outline pane results in all items in the node’s structural relationship list being copied.
3. Press CTRL+C or select Content > Copy. The selected rows are highlighted.
4. Select the insertion point in the existing document or target document and then select Content > Paste. While the insertion point can be in a different document, the target document must be the same type as the source document.
If the copied nodes belong to the same segment in the target segment, they are branched. The content and shared items are also copied.
If the copied nodes span multiple segments, the Paste Special window opens. In this window, you specify whether to paste the content items for the purpose of share, reuse, or just a regular GUI copy. The Include Traces checkbox allows you to specify whether to carry over all traces associated with the children of the copied nodes.