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Changing the Reference Mode
im refmode
You can change the reference mode on content by selecting the content you want to change the sharing for by selecting Content > Toggle Share/Reuse, and choosing between Reuse or Share.
You cannot change the reference mode for meaningful content in a group document or for content with a reference mode of Author. For more information on document model terms and concepts, see “What Is a Document?”.
By default you will reuse from the node from which you copied.
Recommendations for using the im refmode command with the --refmode and --shareID options
Using the --shareID option may cause indirect cyclic relations on Shares/Shared By relationship fields. For example, consider nodes 1, 2, 3 and 4, in which, node 1 is in Author reference mode and nodes 2, 3, and 4 are created by copying node 1 in Reuse reference mode. Improper usage of --shareID value in the im refmode--refmode=share command may result in cyclic relations, such as node 2 Shares node 3, node 3 Shares node 4, and node 4 in turn Shares node 2, which is a cyclic relation.
To avoid cyclic relationships, you must consider the following recommendations while specifying a value for the --shareID option:
It is recommended to use the --useDefault option instead of using the --shareID option.
Do not use any item as shareID that is already in the Share reference mode.
Try to restrict shareID to the Author reference mode item only.
If Reuse reference mode item is used as shareID, avoid toggling reference mode of that item to Share.