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Saving Changes During Multiple-Row Editing
During multiple-row editing, the Save Document Changes action provides for saving all unsaved changes in the open document to the server. When you select Document > Save Changes or the related toolbar or shortcut menu action, your editing option selection determines if the Save Changes? window opens. When Show confirmation message before saving modified items is selected on the Editing tab in the Options window, the Save Changes? window opens. You must click either Save or Keep Editing (default) to continue.
Save—Clicking this button saves all unsaved changes to the server. All undo and redo actions are cleared.
Keep Editing—Clicking this button returns you to the document. All unsaved changes and undo and redo actions are kept intact.
If you do not want the Save Changes window to open on subsequent saves, you can select the checkbox for remembering your answer. This makes Keep Editing unavailable. When you click Save, Show confirmation message before saving modified items is cleared on the Editing tab in the Options window. When you next save changes, the Save Changes? window does not open.
The number of changes affects how long the save takes. During the save, a window opens, displaying status messages and a progress bar. You cannot perform any additional operations in the Document view until the save completes.
During the save, the Windchill RV&S server checks the database for information about permissions, mandatory fields, and conflicts. If no errors or conflicts exist, triggers run. Triggers can update the same item before saving. Triggers can also update external items after items save successfully.
If conflicts exist, a window opens, indicating that you must resynchronize your document and resolve conflicts before saving. For more information, see Resynchronizing Documents During Multiple-Row Editing.
After all changes are saved successfully, the next change that you make creates a new backup file in which your changes are recorded. This means that these changes are recoverable if the Windchill RV&S client shuts down unexpectedly. For more information, see Recovering Unsaved Changes Made During Multiple-Row Editing.
You cannot close the Document view or the Windchill RV&S client when unsaved changes exist in the document. If you attempt either of these actions, you are prompted to first save or discard your changes.
A save error can occur when you are working in a document that has other documents included in it if another user branches an included document in which you have made changes. If a save error occurs, a red error banner is shown. For more information, see “Save Errors” in Troubleshooting During Multiple-Row Editing.